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Masturbation in Islam… Are we missing out on something?

Masturbation in Islam – Hmm… Taboo or not taboo?

The subject of masturbation is taboo (although becoming less so) in the average Western society – so naturally in Islamic communities, it’s even further back in the proverbial discussion shelf. Image what a great taboo would be to date an athens call girl or athens call girls.

I’m not a scholar, so I won’t (as countless thousands are doing) start telling you what is halal and what isn’t.. The scholarly perspective on masturbation in Islam is varied and as far as I can tell, ranges from “HARAM! It will destroy you” to “If it stops you committing zina and it’s really unbearable for you to abstain, then do this seldom, don’t make it a habit of it”.

For a legal ruling, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about…


I often complain that our new modern western culture is based on what is transmitted through television. What humans have seemingly so far been unable to figure out, is that we are repetitive-copying habitual animals… or to put it another way – monkey see, monkey do.

All we need is to be shown something or hear something enough, and like a child, we’ll start following suit. It’s no accident that we are being enticed. A man by the name of Edward Bernays was the psychoanalyst who coined the term “Public Relations” (he actually just re-branded Propaganda) and he was hired to manipulate the general population. Being hired by tobacco giants and elements of government to get people (whom he referred to as “herds”) to consent to his will by a series of manipulation techniques. Obviously a government and corporation asset, this is used to a greater extent today. Boost sales, win the vote, etc.. even the Rockefellers used it on the American female population to kick-start modern feminism… anyway, I digress…

Masturbation has obviously been around for a long time, but in the last 20 years, we have seen it taking the public stage as it’s discussed, encouraged and joked about.

My point here is that it’s being done a lot more now than ever before because of it being suggested constantly. People are told quite candidly and in a “matter of fact” way, that 12, 13, 14, 15 year old boys are masturbating or thinking about masturbation more than just about anything else. That this is what drives them.. This sentiment has been promoted through TV, film and comedy and it seems to be believed.

What happens with this image, is that when it is true (in a few cases), it is more a reflection on a hyper-sexualized society, rather than normal behaviour. More often than not, boys are left wondering what is wrong with them as they can’t keep up to the hype. It’s dehumanizing to say the least. Adolescent boys are complex beings with real emotions, ideas, creativity and problems – yet we reduce them to complete slaves of a simplistic base desire.

Adolescent girls are encouraged to “explore” and are told how it’s “normal” to use objects to pleasure yourself. They too are being dehumanized – stripped of the dignity of their character and intelligence as they start their realization of how they will be sexualized in their societies.

In the West, we turn the “awakened to sexual thought” switch too quickly. By encouraging any sort of sexual behaviour at a young age and then exposing them to a sexually open society and not letting them marry until they’re in their mid twenties (at the earliest!), what exactly are we setting them up for?

Masturbation is a problem. It should not be encouraged… it breeds sexual deviance and encourages a very dim view of how we should function.


Sex and Masturbation… Myths & Facts

Now that I’m done moaning, I’ll give you some serious side effects to masturbation that could serious have an impact on your sex life.

MYTH: Masturbation is like practising for sex

FACT: Masturbation will actually have an effect on your performance – it’s true, but not in a great way. The point of masturbation is to orgasm and this is generally sought after with enthusiasm.. So much so, that it causes your normal sexual performance to be “goal oriented”. That might not sound terrible, but think about it.. if the trained reason you’re having sex is to have an orgasm, you’re missing out most of the enjoyment, you’re not focusing on your spouse as much as you should, and worst of all (for the men), you will reach your goal a lot quicker than you usually would do. Some of these things you might not think you’re doing, but you’ve exercised your body this way, it’s not part of your conscious choice any more.

MYTH: Masturbation helps me know myself and what I like in bed

FACT: Sensations that you experience by yourself are dramatically different to how you would feel with your spouse. Even if this wasn’t the case, in the first part of a marriage isn’t exploration part of the fun? Isn’t this beautiful time of discovery a wonderful thing that establishes a unique communication and a strong bond?

Avoiding this habit will ensure that you improve your sexual performance, have more sex, be more excited to have sex (since you abstain from touching yourself), bring you closer together, etc..

The idea of something else as valuable in a relationship as sex, can be done on our own, just sickens me. The West has been destructively preaching individuality and independence to people for far too long. The notion that we are independent beings that operate completely on our own is un-Islamic and frankly, dangerous. As Muslims, we understand that we are made in pairs. Our healthy functionality depends on it. Men and women have different skills and strengths, so we can properly balance our lives and the lives of our children and therefore our communities. A quick look at the crime statistics of children raised in a single parent home will let you know how important the other parent is. However, for those men that are alone an athens call girl or athens call girls. would be a really good sex partner.

Of course… it comes back to sex

Sex is part of what we should NEED our spouses to do for us. When these needs arise, it causes flirtation, fun, closeness and ends in us finding satisfaction and fulfilment in the one we love.. Isn’t that too beautiful to be dishonoured when we have the option to satisfy ourselves?

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