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How does the floor siphon work

Every house owner should know how does the floor siphon work. There is always the chance of some kind of blockage problem in your bathroom, so you surely want to know some basics about it’s function, to resolve them correctly. The floor siphon can be found on the floor of your bathroom. There are, of course, cases that can be found in other parts of the house, such as the balcony or terrace.

It is an integral part of the plumbing system in the bathroom, which is why you can find it in all types of bathrooms. You may not like it aesthetically, but it is there to protect your space. So, if you are wondering how the floor siphon works, in this article we will solve all your questions.

Basic function of the floor siphon

How does the floor siphon work? The main function of the floor siphon is to remove water that falls to the floor. The siphon, in addition to its obvious function, also serves to avoid the stench of the sewer system. The bathroom floor siphon connects the three pipes, which belong to the shower / bath, the sink and the washing machine. From that point, the water from the three sources we mentioned, passes through the siphon and leads to the central sewer.

There are many types of plugs or grills that can fit in the spot of our siphon, making it look more beautiful. In the trade you can find a variety of plugs, silicone plugs, or round grills, round safety grilles, press floor grille, etc.

It is very important to pay attention to what we throw in the shower / bath, the sink and the washing machine. Always keep in mind how the floor lamp in your bathroom works. There is a high probability that the pipes will become clogged in cases where rubbish or hairs have passed through the piping system. This can get us in trouble, as we will have to block the siphon before opening the water in one of the three pipes that end in it.

Floor siphon bloclage

It is a problem that we have all faced in the past. As mentioned above, one of the main functions of the pipette is to trap odors in the pipes. This part of the grid is capable of clogging due to some organic or inorganic materials sticking to its walls over time. Thus, the siphon gradually malfunctions, constantly absorbing less and less water, until it reaches the point of being completely clogged.

In case your siphon is clogged, we suggest that you do not use any commercial chemical blocker. Chemical blockers can disintegrate your siphon. But you have to be careful. Maybe in the future, there will be problems with your piping. This is because the pipes can be made of some materials that can not withstand the action of these liquids. If you want you can unblock your siphon with a natural way of unblocking, which you can apply yourself.

Steps for unblocking the floor siphon

A well known way to unblock your siphon, is by using baking soda and vinegar. Before trying to do something, be sure to wear gloves. Gloves are gonna help in protecting your hands from direct contact with germs. Then it is time to remove the siphon plug and clean it thoroughly. This can be done by taking a piece of wire or a wire hanger and adjust the edge to form a curve. Now it is time to use the wire curve that you created to pull the rubbish or other materials that have clogged your main pipes and also, the main drain.

After you have removed most of the residue, it’s time to make use of baking soda and vinegar. Firstly, you can pour a cup of baking soda. Boil a cup of vinegar for about 5 minutes and pour it inside. Cover your siphon with a damp towel and let your mixture work. The compination that these two materials producing together, can help in cleaning your siphon in 15 minutes. After this time has passed, empty a pot of hot water into the hole and your siphon is ready.

We hope we have helped you understand how the floor siphon works in your bathroom, in case of a blockage. Now you know its basic function and the way you can unplug it if this issue arises. You also know where the water from your sink, washing machine and bathtub / shower ends up, so you can be careful not to clog it.


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