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40 Of The Best Eagle Tattoos for Men in 2021

Popular across many cultures, the eagle is no stranger in the men’s tattoo world. Wear an eagle tattoo like a badge of honor to help show off your freedom, patriotism, strength, nobility, and courage. 

Often the main focus of a chest or back piece, eagles make a bold statement. Similarly, eagles drape effortlessly across a shoulder for a robust half sleeve that can easily stand on its own. No area of the body is off-limits to an eagle tattoo; get ready to turn heads whether you opt for an elaborate side piece or a detached emblem on your leg.

Understanding the symbolism behind stately eagle tattoos is essential to express your individual beliefs and ideals effectively. Get ready to spread your wings and learn more about your next favorite piece of ink with our best 40 eagle tattoos for men. 

1. Mexican Eagle Tattoo

The Mexican coat of arms contains an eagle clutching a snake in its talons, perched on a cactus. This imagery is deeply-rooted in Aztec culture and represents the legend of an Aztec chief who saw a vision of the eagle sent from the god Huitzilopochtli. Said vision led the people to establish a new and powerful city upon seeing the dream come to life. This tattoo will always be a classic and a great example of Mexican pride. 

@tattoosbyjamesvega / Instagram

2. Bald Eagle Tattoo

The Bald Eagle is one of the most famous symbols of patriotism in the USA, second only to the American flag. Bald Eagle tattoos indicate national pride, bravery, and freedom with deep roots in American idealism. 

Bald Eagle Tattoo
@billy_raike_tattoos / Instagram

3. Traditional Eagle Tattoo

A common sight among Sailor Jerry tattoo enthusiasts, iconic bald eagle tattoos are typically rendered in a two-dimensional view with vintage retro yellow, red, and brown coloring. 

Traditional Eagle Tattoo
@danduquettetattoo / Instagram

4. American Eagle Tattoo

Traditional American eagle tattoos often show the eagle in battle, talons stretched out, and wings flung back as if was ready to grasp or attack. This shape fits nicely on various areas of the body, especially the arms and legs. These tattoos are often combined with banners, snakes, globes, or feathers to represent the triumph of good over evil.

American Eagle Tattoo
@tat2marks / Instagram

5. Eagle Feather Tattoo

Eagles are deeply cherished in Indigenous cultures, and their feathers are equally coveted and esteemed. Receiving an eagle feather is a tremendous honor, and wearing this tattoo should also be a great source of pride.

Eagle Feather Tattoo
@fightinktattoo / Instagram

6. Polish Eagle Tattoo

In folklore, Lech, the famed founder of Poland, saw one of these iconic raptors circle over him when he searched for a homeland. Thus, becoming Poland’s national bird, the White Eagle, is still deeply ingrained in Polish heritage representing good fortune and patriotism. While the eagle does not appear on the Polish flag, the white eagle is still an image of Polish pride.

Polish Eagle Tattoo
@motorcityhigh / Instagram

7. Eagle Globe and Anchor Tattoo

This eagle tattoo is most popular among veterans or marines, as both images appear in the symbol for the US Marine Corps. You can put a more individualized spin on it by playing with the style of the emblem, perhaps making the elements more realistic or geometric.

Eagle Globe and Anchor Tattoo
@darrenjbabbitt / Instagram

8. Small Eagle Tattoo

The latest trend of micro-realistic tattoos translates well for small eagle tattoos; you can now sport these tattoos in tighter spaces like behind the ear or on your wrist. Small eagle tattoos come across as more gentle, graceful, and noble.

Small Eagle Tattoo
@southcitymarket / Instagram

9. Aztec Eagle Tattoo

Ancient Aztec warriors wore the eagle symbol with pride, drawing inner strength and courage. Outside of patriotic connotations, Aztec eagle tattoos are about an individual’s spiritual journey towards self-actualization. 

Aztec Eagle Tattoo
@jocilynnfalco / Instagram

10. Eagle Head Tattoo

Simply showing the eagle’s head instead of its entire body in flight brings focus to the eagle’s eyes rather than the motion of the bird. The eagle has sharp focus and determination, representing solid vision and bravery.

Eagle Head Tattoo
@mich_michelemor / Instagram

11. Golden Eagle Tattoo

 Golden eagles are prominent figures in many legends; they are potent birds representing force and dominance. One such legend comes from Greek mythology featuring Prometheus, who was tortured by an eagle after stealing fire from the gods. In Norwegian lore, the golden eagle is a symbol of wisdom, and in Chinese mythology, the golden eagle represents force and courage.

Golden Eagle Tattoo

@alexander.tattoovega / Instagram

12. Blood Eagle Tattoo

This graphic tattoo refers to the horrific Viking punishment and execution method. Considered a sacrifice to the Norse god Odin, the victim’s back would be sliced open to expose the spine, ribs, and organs – often pulling the lungs through the open wound. This tattoo is very graphic, takes up most of your back, and sometimes accompanies eagle wings spreading out from your shoulders. 

Eagle Tattoo
@thirdeyeeric / Instagram

13. Eagle Tribal Tattoo

The eagle is a powerful symbol in many tribes, from the Aztecs to the M?ori, many different Indigenous cultures have magnificent designs paying homage to this graceful creature. Of course, tribal tattoos are also a pop-culture style favored among tattoo enthusiasts in the 90s, and currently seeing a resurgence. 

Eagle Tribal Tattoo
@andyattaattoo / Instagram

14. German Eagle Tattoo

The iconic German eagle is another powerful patriotic symbol that has undergone various reincarnations throughout history. Once an emblem of the German empire, it is now symbolic of a unified Germany. Since The eagle is symmetric, it makes it a striking base for a chest or back piece but can also be rendered in abstract ways to fit onto an arm or leg. 

German Eagle Tattoo
@brian.garber / Instagram

15. Eagle with Flag Tattoo

The eagle is inherently patriotic, but it can always be paired with a flag to amp up the meaning further. Many countries also have eagle symbols on their flags or coat of arms that make great tattoos. If you have a mixed heritage, an eagle and flag tattoo is an ideal design to incorporate your different backgrounds together. 

Eagle with Flag Tattoo
@jv_ink / Instagram

16. Black Eagle Tattoo

In astrology, the black eagle is the second incarnation of Scorpio. The eagle’s all-seeing eyes are like that of a Scorpio, catching things others might not pick up. This tattoo reflects someone who considers themselves a highly in-touch individual.

Black Eagle Tattoo
@juanf.sioux.ttt / Instagram

17. Eagle Snake Tattoo

Combining eagles and snakes is a famous depiction of the triumph of good over evil. It is often a representation of a person’s struggles and their ability to overcome adversity. 

Eagle Snake Tattoo
@baikal.13___ / Instagram

18. Realistic Eagle Tattoo

These birds are majestic and profoundly detailed; only the best artists can capture the eagle’s true spirit. Realistic eagle tattoos make bold statements and are best applied as a focal point of a standalone tattoo. 

Realistic Eagle Tattoo
@bvnkstreettattoo / Instagram

19. Eagle Eye Tattoo

Eagle eyes are easily distinguishable by the yellow hue, laser-focused pupil, dramatic black outline, and intimidating brow. Their penetrating gaze makes for a great tattoo to capture your determination and vision.

Eagle Eye Tattoo
@roys_tattoo / Instagram

20. Perched Eagle Tattoo 

Eagles point to prosperity, bravery, and freedom. Rendering them resting or perched pays homage to its deeper meanings. Artists often incorporate branches, rose tattoos, and geometric tattoo designs to add more depth.

Perched Eagle Tattoo / Instagram

21. Patriotic Eagle Tattoo

Patriotism and eagle symbols go hand in hand, and it’s generally expected that eagles are accompanied by flags or banners showing national colors. It is common for very patriotic eagle tattoos to be on the left shoulder or chest, close to the heart.

Patriotic Eagle Tattoo
@hiddengemtattoos / Instagram

22. Iron Eagle Tattoo

Iron eagle is another common tattoo for people who have served in the American military. The eagle holds an olive branch and arrows in its talons, with a U.S. shield on its chest. This militant symbol combines the ideas of national pride, honor, and dutifulness. 

Iron Eagle Tattoo
@treyenglish / Instagram

23. Harpy Eagle Tattoo

One of the most feared predators in the Brazilian forest is the Harpy Eagle, with its phenomenal eyesight and enormous size. It is also the most feared raptor globally, symbolizing strength, prowess, and leadership. 

Harpy Eagle Tattoo
@alissonsanches1 / Instagram

24. Eagle Wing Tattoo

The wings of an eagle are sprawling and strong; they denote meanings of godliness, spirituality, and power. An eagle wing sits perfectly on the shoulder and curves across the upper arm for a striking half sleeve. 

Eagle Wing Tattoo
@tikitowntattoo / Instagram

25. Simple Eagle Tattoo

Eagle imagery comes loaded with implicit meaning, and even a simple eagle tattoo can have a profound impact. Outlines, silhouettes, or line drawings of an eagle have a more modern and timeless look and can be standalone or part of a more complex piece. 

Simple Eagle Tattoo
@mayol.tattooer / Instagram

26. Eagle Skull Tattoo

Just like its wings, eyes, and talons, the skull of an eagle is equally discernable. Eagle skull tattoos show off its powerful hooked beak, often with a distinct yellow color and large eye cavities. Stripping away the outer layer of the eagle leaves you with an edgy image that is recognizable and trendy.

Eagle Skull Tattoo
@jeremydavid_tattoo / Instagram

27. White Eagle Tattoo

White eagles are seen as noble creatures, spreading peace and wisdom. White eagle tattoos lend themselves to contrasting black and white designs that are impactful and timeless. 

White Eagle Tattoo
@lucky_solanki_09 / Instagram

28. Eagle River Tattoo

Placing an eagle in a more complex setting is a great way to cover a lot of skin, especially over a shoulder or thigh. An eagle soaring above a river, possibly with mountains and trees around, is as majestic as it gets. The tattoo transmits calmness and reflects on the regal nature of the mighty eagle.

Eagle River Tattoo
@saviourtattoosupplies / Instagram

29. Geometric Eagle Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are all the rage and a great way to update an old-fashioned tattoo idea. Geometric eagle tattoos create a statement and can give you the chance to add alternative colors to an otherwise simple black and white tattoo.

Geometric Eagle Tattoo
@aloka_studio / Instagram

30. Eagle Chest Tattoo

The chest is one of the most popular places to get an eagle tattoo. An eagle with its wings open will fit across the chest nicely and make a powerful statement. Moreover, if you like asymmetry, having the eagle swoop in over your shoulder will create a dazzling sense of movement.

Eagle Tattoo for Men
@southwesttattoostudio / Instagram

31. Eagle Forearm Tattoo

The forearm is one of the most visible areas for a tattoo, getting an eagle tattoo here takes a certain sense of bravado. Try a perched or eagle mid-hunt on the forearm to best use the space.

Eagle Forearm Tattoo
@chris_gilvarry / Instagram

32. Eagle Shoulder Tattoo

Getting an eagle tattoo on your shoulder gives the tattoo a unique curve unlike anywhere else on the body. It is easy to keep it private with clothing, but it makes a bold statement once it is revealed.

Eagle Shoulder Tattoo
@brunosantostattoo / Instagram

33. Eagle Arm Tattoo

The arm is a coveted area of the body in the tattoo world, typically supplying ample space and the ability to show/hide the work whenever you want, it is one of the best places to get your eagle tattoo. The tattoo can be adored as a badge, similar to a military uniform, or can have heavier emotional meaning being next to your heart (if tattooed on the left side).

Eagle Arm Tattoo / Instagram

34. Eagle Tattoo on Hand

The space around the hand is limited, but it can make a powerful impact if executed successfully. Having an eagle swoop down on your hand can make it seem like your hand is an extension of the eagle’s talons, metaphorically taking its power into your own hands. 

Eagle Tattoo on Hand
@paigepowercarr / Instagram

35. Eagle Tattoo on Neck

Getting any tattoo on your neck shows that you don’t play by the rules. The back of the neck is an excellent space for a symmetrical eagle design. For something more alternative, look at eagles in flight that can stretch from behind the ear down the side of your neck. 

Eagle Tattoo on Neck
@marchioros.ttt / Instagram

36. Eagle Throat Tattoo

Throat tattoos make quite the statement and are most effective when featuring an asymmetrical design. An eagle with spread-out wings, either from the front or the back, sits perfectly across the throat and is an edgy way to carry this powerful symbol.

Eagle Throat Tattoo
@cstattoos / Instagram

37. Eagle Back Tattoo

Eagle tattoos have the potential to be big pieces and would not look lost on the vastness of a back. Eagle tattoos show power and dominance, and allowing the tattoo to be the central focus on the back solidifies its imagery. It gives this majestic bird space to spread its wings and come alive. 

Eagle Back Tattoo / Instagram

38. Eagle Stomach Tattoo

Having a tattoo across your stomach gives you room to add plenty of added imagery to your design. This can be the best place to go wild with flags, rivers, trees, mountains, snakes, or detailed shading. 

Eagle Stomach Tattoo / Instagram

39. Eagle Wrist Tattoo

Having an eagle on your wrist can be an understate and stylish way to pull off this tattoo.  Most often these tattoos will be small and best when a simple design is used. 

Eagle Wrist Tattoo
@___flokati___ / Instagram

40. Eagle Half Sleeve Tattoo

Eagle tattoos make great half sleeves and can serve as the base for elaborate designs. Instead of getting many smaller images, one large eagle accompanied by a flag or watercolors can easily complete a half sleeve.

Eagle Half Sleeve Tattoo
@jimleclerctattoo / Instagram

Eagle Tattoo FAQ:

What does an eagle tattoo mean?

The eagle tattoo is loaded with symbolism and has significance in many different cultures, including Aztec, Norse, Latin American, and Asian traditions. Over these cultures, the eagle has come to signify patriotism, bravery, and wisdom.

What tattoo goes with eagle?

Eagle tattoos are diverse, and plenty of other tattoos complement the powerful image. If your tattoo shows your patriotic side, try flags, national symbols, a globe, or olive branches. If you want your eagle to represent your freedom, independence, and love of nature, try other animals, natural elements such as trees, mountains, and rivers. And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, Sailor Jerry fans will find solace in additions of snakes, skulls, and roses with their eagle. 

What colors should I choose for an eagle tattoo?

Many eagle tattoos use black ink to create a powerful contrasting image. However, adding yellow to the eyes and beaks can create a striking image if you’re after a bald eagle. Yellow is also considered a lucky color to bring wealth and prosperity.  

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