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18 Of The Best-Smelling Deodorant For Men: Find Top Protection So You Can Focus On What’s Important (Updated 2022)

One thing that can taint an otherwise magical summer day is funky BO. If you have notoriously nasty pits, you need the best-smelling deodorant for men to keep that stink in check. Don’t be the guy who accepts his odor and goes au’ natural. Your friends and significant others will thank you.

Most deodorants for men don’t smell like the natural world. They opt for fresher or more cologne-like smells but let’s be real, guys. Do we really like the smell of musks and “cool wave” (whatever that is) more than natural scents like coconut and fresh vanilla? We think both categories can be a pleasure. 

There are so many options that it can be hard to know where to look. You could try something with decent reviews at random, or you could trust Fashiobeans to show you where to find the best-smelling deodorant for men. You might even want to try a few different flavors (we can’t blame you).


get.gonn / Instagram

Coconut and vanilla are decidedly gender-neutral scents, but don’t let that scare you away, alpha males. “Masculine” scents can be overrated. Chances are, if you’ve got someone to impress, you’ll be wearing your favorite cologne. If you’re not into artificial scents, why not buy deodorant with a scent you love?

If you’re ready for the best-smelling deodorant for men, Native has you covered. This cruelty-free grooming superhero isn’t just eco-friendly. It’s insanely versatile and strong enough for even the stankiest underarms. They use all-natural ingredients, and they’re aluminum-free, so you’re basically rubbing the earth itself on your crotch and armpits. 

Type: Stick | Size: 2.65 oz | Scent: Coconut & Vanilla | Aluminum free: Yes

Native Deodorant Coconut and Vanilla

The “ultra-fresh” scent is as basic as it gets for men’s deodorants, but that’s not a negative. This scent falls in the “not actually tangible” category. You’ll smell like you just got out of a bath for the entire day. Some things don’t evolve for a reason. 

If you’ve ever had sloppy white deodorant spots on your favorite black tee, you know the struggle. Arrid’s 5-amazon star aerosol deodorant has a powdery feel that will refuse to run down your arm like other spray deodorants, which is excellent for dark colors. It’s not the best for people who like fruity or more natural smells, but it works for everyone else.  

Type: Spray | Size: 6 oz | Scent: Ultra Fresh | Aluminum free: No

Arrid XX Ultra Fresh

Native’s deodorants are so damn good that we couldn’t avoid choosing them for the best stick deodorant. Since we named coconut and vanilla best overall, we chose something different this time. Eucalyptus mint isn’t overpowering, but it will still get you through a long, sweaty day better than most other choice deodorants.

The combination of eucalyptus and mint packs a soothing, clean scent that doesn’t transcend into make-believe smells like “ultra-fresh” (granted, those are still great). If you’re the type of guy who wants to smell as fresh as possible all day while still being tethered to nature, this might be the best deodorant for you.

Type: Stick | Size: 2.65 oz | Scent: Eucalyptus & Mint | Aluminum free: Yes

Native Deodorant Eucalyptus and Mint

Each and Every might not be a brand you’ve heard of, but they still deliver as well as the big boys of men’s grooming like Old Spice and Degree. Their citrus and vetiver scent packs a powerful punch. It’s like having a forest of vetiver grass and lemon trees instead of armpit hair.

Each and Every doesn’t stop at a natural smell. They use pure, 100% sustainable sugar-cane packaging that’s carbon neutral, i.e., as planet-friendly as it gets while not being a plant.

Type: Stick | Size: 2.5 oz | Scent: Citrus & Vetiver | Aluminum free: No

Each and Every Citrus and Vetiver

We don’t know what a bearglove is, but does that matter when it smells this good? Thousands of Amazon buyers say no, and so do we. Old Spice wows guys with notes of spicey apples and citrus in this bar. Finally, a refreshing scent that isn’t minty or powdery.

Old Spice’s antiperspirant’s effectiveness is why it pulled ahead of the competition. Your armpits won’t become waterfalls even if you stay at the gym for hours. That thought is a dream come true for guys with a heavier sweat flow than others. Enjoy gentlemen.

Type: Stick | Size: 2.6 oz | Scent: Bearglove | Aluminum free: No

Old Spice Bearglove

Lume’s natural cream deodorant is the best scented natural deodorant we could find, and it smells like the freshest tangerines you’ve ever tasted. It’s also free of aluminum, baking soda, and parabens, so guys concerned with avoiding potentially harmful chemicals can be confident rocking Lume.

Another great thing about this cream is that you can rub the stuff anywhere you’ve got skin. Sweaty balls? No problem (though it’s not the best of all ball deodorants). Need an upper-thigh buffer to escape chaffing? This will handle it. 

That versatility, combined with natural ingredients and a universally-loved scent, makes this a no-brainer for guys who want the best deodorant for men using natural ingredients.

Type: Cream | Size: 3 oz | Scent: Clean Tangerine | Aluminum free: Yes

Lume Natural  Clean Tangerine

Happy Nuts offers much more than a funny brand name and testicle puns. They put together the best cream for comfortable nuts on the market. If you’ve ever suffered from chaffing (who hasn’t), swamp sack, heavy stench, or batwings, this is the powerhouse, nose-pleasing cure-all you’ve always wanted. 

You won’t find any flowery BS in sight here (even though there’s nothing wrong with enjoying flowers, guys). They describe the smell as fresh and manly, which we think is a spot-on description. That original manly scent is what won this spot in our buying guide. 

Oh, and before you google it, batwings are when your scrote sticks to your hot, damp thighs. Not fun.

Type: Cream | Size: 3.4 oz | Scent: “Original” | Aluminum free: Yes

Considering how many stick and spray deodorants have been advertised, cream de-stinkers tend to fly under the radar for most guys. If you’re new to the cream scene and want something to tackle both sweat and stench, you might want to start with our favorite: Tussy’s Original cream deodorant. 

This deodorant is best for guys who like Old Spice-style scents, plus it has two top-of-the-line features packed in. One, it’s pH balanced (surprise, pH matters for guys, too), so it’s optimal for sensitive skin. Two, it doesn’t linger like a lotion; it applies powder fresh once it hits the skin and doesn’t spread to your clothes. 

Whether it’s your first cream deodorant or your tenth, this option is worth your time.

Type: Spray | Size: 1.7 oz | Scent: Spice | Aluminum free: No

Tussy Cream Deodorant

Powder isn’t just for infant asses. If you weren’t aware, it also gets the job done on adults’ stanky pits and crotches. It’s not exactly like the Johnson and Johnson your mom tossed on your baby balls, but it’s the same idea. 

Unlike the kid stuff, this long-lasting wonder is free from talc and charcoal-based. That means it’s much better for adult chaffing and skin irritation throughout the entire day. Whether you’re walking through the city all weekend or killing workout sessions, your frank and beans will never get rancid.

If you’re still unsure, maybe it’s worth giving powder deodorants a shot.

Type: Powder | Size: 10 oz | Scent: Cooling Menthol | Aluminum free: Yes

 Dude Products Body Powder

Sometimes when you’re an athlete, even the best-smelling deodorants for men aren’t enough to keep the body odor levee from breaking. Degree knows that, so it’s mad scientists concocted the best smelling sports antiperspirant/deodorant we could find. And damn, did they nail it.

There are plenty of other entries in this guide that would probably work, but this one is a guaranteed home run. It boasts 72-hour protection and breakthrough “motion-sense” technology. That’s not just a fancy way of saying “this works awesome” (even though it does); it lets out scent bursts when it senses intense friction. Technology never ceases to amaze.

Type: Stick | Size: 2.7 oz | Scent: Sport Defense | Aluminum free: No

Degree Advanced Sport Defense

Calvin Klein might have your new favorite deodorant if you want a killer scent from one of the best top-shelf cologne masters. They injected the widely loved Eternity scent into a bar of deodorant, which smells just as good as the famous cologne. It’s not a watered-down version of Eternity. It’s the real deal.

It smells as classy as the cologne and works just as well as most of the best deodorants for men in this guide (otherwise, it wouldn’t have made the cut). For guys devoted to designer brands, this could sate your desire only to buy products from big names.  

Type: Stick | Size: 2.6 oz | Scent: Eternity | Aluminum free: No

Calvin Klein Eternity

If you didn’t know there was a way to support the US military while buying one of the best deodorants for men, join the club. Bravo Sierra donates 5% of their sales to helping veterans and their families who need our support. That’s not a figure to scoff at.

It will support military men in and out of the field by keeping their underarms dry and smelling fresh. Even if you’ve been stuck in a tank with your battle buddy for hours, your humid stench won’t make him want to flee. 

Type: Stick | Size: 3.2 oz | Scent: Sandalwood & Fig | Aluminum free: Yes

Bravo Sierra Sandalwood and Fig

If you need more robust protection than what 24-hour deodorants provide, Dove is here. You’ve probably used their soap at one point, so you know they’re no slouches in the grooming world. This stick works so well that brand name recognition is an afterthought. 

The “extra fresh” offering is a citrus bouquet that smells particularly sweet. Some people complain about stains on their clothes, but others say it’s a non-problem. We can neither confirm nor deny this allegation. That’s the most professional way we could think of to say, “don’t get mad at us if you get white armpit streaks on your black shirt.”

Type: Stick | Size: 2.7 oz | Scent: Extra Fresh | Aluminum free: No

Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh

If 48-hour protection really isn’t enough for you, Degree has developed a formula that will keep you dry and smelling like a champ for a mind-blowing 72 hours. Like their sport defense flavor, i.e., one of our best-smelling deodorants for men, this comes equipped with Degree’s motionsense technology. Degree designed motionsense to release short bursts of whatever cool rush is.

72 hours seems like a long time to be sweating and not showering, but we’re not here to judge. Some professions and lifestyles don’t afford much time for self-care (especially parenthood), so if you need 72-hour protection, just go for it. 

Type: Stick | Size: 2.7 oz | Scent: Cool Rush | Aluminum free: No

Degree Advanced 72H Cool Rush

Gift sets are always crowd-pleasers on the holidays, and if you’re looking for the best body odor squashing gift set, Dr. Squatch has it. This set includes two of the best-smelling deodorants for men and their bar soap variants, birchwood breeze, and fresh falls.

Birchwood Breeze is crisp and woodsy, and thanks to ingredients like shea butter and jojoba, it leaves your skin smooth. Dr. Squatch says fresh falls smells like “jumping in a cool forest waterfall in the crisp morning.” We haven’t exactly done that, so we can’t say for sure if it’s accurate. What we can say is that it smells damn good.

Type: Stick | Size: 2.65 oz | Scent: Birchwood Breeze & Fresh Falls | Aluminum free: Yes

Dr. Squatch Gift Set

Roll-on deodorant holds a certain nostalgia for a lot of guys. It was the hottest new grooming product in the 50s, so plenty of you remember seeing it in your grandpa’s bathroom cabinets. Mine still swears by it. Well, it turns out it’s for good reason—Grandpa’s been right the whole time. Ban’s roll-on “works honest-to-goodness magic,” according to at least one grandpa.

Now that we convinced you that roll-on isn’t just a gimmick brought on by the ball-point pen (fun fact), check out Ban’s regular scent. It’s so appealing that we had to list it as the best roll-on. And it won’t leave marks on your clothes, so it works in any situation.

Type: Roll-on | Size: 1.5 oz | Scent: “Regular” | Aluminum free: Yes

Ban Roll-on Deodorant Regular

A bargain can be a glorious thing. If you’re looking for the best bargain deodorant for men, this might be it. Four packs of Avon Wild Country can usually be had for just under 12$. That’s less than 3$ a piece. And it’s not even like they’re travel size; these are just as big as the other choices on our list.

It may not work for the stinkiest and drippiest folks or professional athletes, but it still performs solid enough to make it onto this buying guide. If you need an apt performer that will keep you smelling slick throughout your entire shift, you won’t be disappointed with this deal. 

Did we mention it smells incredible? Because it really does.

Type: Roll-on | Size: 2.6 oz | Scent: Wild Country | Aluminum free: No

Avon Wild Country

Shopping for sensitive skin can be a pain. Some folks’ skin is so sensitive that categories like aluminum-free and all-natural still aren’t safe enough. For people that live with constantly irritated pits from other scented deodorants, Schmidt’s released their sensitive skin hemp seed and sage scented deodorant.

 If the best-smelling deodorants for men leave you feeling like you lit yourself on fire, you’ve finally got an alternative. Now you can smell like woodsy, fresh hemp seed and sage without turning your underarms to shit. Just give it a shot; you can thank us later.

Type: Stick | Size: 2.65 oz | Scent: Hemp Seed Oil & Sage | Aluminum free: Yes

Schmidt’s Sensitive Skin Hemp Seed Oil and Sage

What To Look For In The Best-Smelling Deodorant For Men


The first thing to consider when choosing your deodorant is the scent. Sure, you want other people to like your aroma, but this isn’t cologne. The person who will smell your deodorant the most is you, so why not choose the smell you like? 

If you’re into fruity, tasty smells like tangerine or vanilla, you’ve got choices. The same goes for guys who like less natural, more cologne-like scents like musks. To check out some scents in each category, scroll up and look through the buying guide. 

man sitting in a deck chair, shirtless with a book, and his hand over his eyes
get.gonn / Instagram


Once you’ve chosen your preferred scent, several types of deodorants are available. Some guys swear by sticks, and others love spray-on deodorizers. Whatever your preference, we’ve covered you in our buying guide. Whether you want a cream or a clear-solid, we chose the best-smelling men’s deodorant. So read up if you haven’t by now.


The final (or first for some guys) item to consider is the ingredients. There are definitely men out there who aren’t into rubbing ingredients on their bodies that they have no hope of pronouncing. If you’d prefer shea butter over aluminum, you have plenty of choices. We’ve got you covered, no matter what your favorite ingredient is.


    • Deciding on the best-smelling deodorant for men depends on your tastes. We can tell you what might be the overall best smelling to most guys, but only you can decide if it’s your favorite.

      The best advice is to check out our buying guide. Maybe give it a shot if you see a scent you’ve enjoyed in the past. If it sounds intriguing, but you’ve never seen it, why not give that a go, too? We even think you should try flavors you haven’t historically liked. Tastes can change, and Amazon’s return policy will have your back.

      • If you want to smell good all day, make sure you shower from time to time. No, that’s not obvious to all guys (especially if they’re working from home).

        The next step is finding a deodorant that works best for you. Not all of them will so test the waters as much as you need to. We scoured the internet to find the best in 20 categories. Scroll up and check the buying guide to find your favorite.

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